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To top it all, the Visaka Designer Board is purposefully designed to be Fire, Water & Termite resistant.

Not merely this, the thermal conductivity of Visaka Designer Board is lower than any other substitute of its nature. This property makes it a good insulator also. Hence Visaka Designer Board is used as an energy saving aid to maintain the temperature in closed air-conditioned rooms. What's more, it is highly eco-friendly.

Handling And Storage Instructions

  • Visaka Designer Board should always be stored under a covered shed
  • It should always be stacked on a firm and smooth surface
  • Do not drag the packets over one another
  • Do not allow dirt to settle on the textured surface while cutting, drilling, screwing or nail fixing
  • Apply French chalk on hands to avoid dirt or patch marks on the tiles while handling

Our Product Range:

Board, Wall Panel Board, Designer Board

The Multifacted Usage
False Ceiling | Partitions | Wall Cladding

The Changing Times

Believe it or not, the construction industry is going through a fast-paced change with the implementation of new products, technologies and techniques to stay abreast with the times. Taking this into view, Visaka, a renowned name in the construction arena launched V-Board in March 2009. V-Board is a non-asbestos product which is at par with any of the global fiber cement sheets. Today, the company has a pan-India presence with its head office located at Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The company employs one of the best in technologies - HPSC technology conforming to IS 14B62-2000.

Designer False Ceilings

Whether it's doing interiors or exteriors today one aspect always tops the mind – style. Yes. Style is an integral component of making your home look a class apart. For this, choosing the right materials is crucial. That's precisely why one must opt for Visaka Designer Boards. They are the ideal choice for false ceilings. Tested for strength and durability, these boards are available in myriad shades and alluring textures. Unlike plaster of Paris, which tends to wear off after a few years these boards are far more durable and come with an unbeatable triple advantage-fire, water and termite proof.

Areas of Applications

For high humidity locations like,

  • Kitchens
  • Toilets/Washrooms
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Sports Complex
  • Health Clubs
  • Corridors, Porticos and Driveways

For high visibility areas like,

  • Offices
  • Showrooms
  • Shopping Centres
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Residences
  • Hotels & Resorts

Special Attributes

  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Thermal Resistant
  • Unique Embossed Texture
  • Pre-Finished
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Fire Resistant

Designer Wall Paneling

When it comes to decorating your home, wall cladding are pivotal features that enhance the appeal of a room. Therefore, it becomes essential to place that much importance in choosing the right material. Visaka Designer Boards are a perfect fit as they not only come with benefits of advanced technology but also have captivating aesthetic appeal. With a wide variety of finishes and mesmerizing hues, they can make your home or office look stunningly stylish. So, next time you want to furnish your home with appealing interiors, simply look for the brand name Visaka.

Areas of Application

  • Internal & External Walls
  • Prefabricated Shelter - Internal
  • Half Height
  • Full Height
  • Internal Wall Lining / Paneling

Special Attributes

  • Termite Proof
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Ready to Paint
  • Durable

Classy Wall partitions, Office Cabins, Kitchens, Wardrobes... now with V-Board

V-Board(Cement Fibre Sheet) offers unmatched quality, aesthetic style and durability and is the ideal choice of smart and good looking interiors. V-Board is fire, water and termite resistant and has the same functional efficiency or workability as Timber / Plywood giving you total dependability. Used for external as well as internal applications, V-Board is a top line product of Visaka Industries Limited.

V-Board Applications

False Ceilings
High humidity spaces like laboratories, kitchens, washrooms, healthcare units and even toilets can take advantage of V-Board false ceiling for optimum utility and to have a clean & pleasant ambience.

Wall Paneling
In addition to being a smart interior option, moisture – prone areas & dampness in walls can be effectively tackled and avoided by using V-Board Wall Panels.

Mezzanine Flooring
V-Board having higher thickness are tailor-made products to handle load and stress and ever reliable. They make an excellent choice for mezzanine specifications in lesser time when compared to other conventional choices. To give the space a better finish, you can add vitrified or ceramic tiles, carpets or vinyl flooring maximizing the appeal of the décor.

Structural Glazing Back Lining
V-Board is the most cost-effective and reliable solution when it comes to Back Lining material. With inherent qualities like moisture resistant surface and having good thermal resistant in reducing heat transfer from structural glazing, V-Board's performance efficiency in this application is truly unbeatable.

6/8 mm thick boards are fixed in between the concrete beam and aluminum / powder coated structural glazing framework for effective condensation and temperature control.

Wall Partitions
V-Board wall partitions are robust, fire, water and termite resistant like all other V-Board products and can be utilized for optimization of spaces in all domestic and commercial establishment like offices, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. Paints, lamination, veneers, wallpaper, anything can be applied to the V-Board Wall Partition and great looking interiors can be built in no time.

Door Panels
V-Boards Door Panels are in demand from various domestic and industrial customers and are the preferred choice for kitchen, balcony, washroom and other areas when water is in regular contact. Needless to say, V-Board Door Panels is almost a lifetime! They are fire, water and terminate resistant.

Back Liners
The usability of V-Board goes everywhere and everyday in utility spaces like cupboards, kitchen cabinets, furniture back liners and electrical board back liner that can be custom built with the super efficient V-Board. V-Board being completely safe and termite, moisture & fire resistant, all you get is peace of mind!

Board with 6/8mm thickness are recommended and can be screwed on the rear side of the cabinets, cupboards and furniture liner (The board should be coated with primer on both sides).

Other Applications:
V-Board have a wide range of applications and can be used to make fixed furniture like Computer Table, Office Table, Shoe Rack, Cupboard, Blackboard, School Bench, Shelves, Benches for Cafeteria, Doors.

Various Finishes in which V-Board can be decorated

  • Veneer
  • Wallpaper
  • Texture
  • Paint
  • Polish

V-Panel Drywall solutions from the house of Visaka Industries Ltd.

A product of Visaka Industries Limited is a qualitatively better, cost-effective and time saving alternative to conventional wall of brick and mortar composite. It is a new generation light weight wall partition with slim profile.

V-Panel is a sandwich panel designed for internal and external partition applications substituting the wet wall / plastered wall concept. V-Panels are made with state of art technical know-how from M/s. Dantotech, Australia.

V-Panel – Instant Wall System:

V-Panels have a light weight core comprising of cement, fly ash, polystyrene beads aggregate sandwiched between non asbestos fibre cement facings. The panels have Tongue & Groove profiled edges that share a common radius and provide panel to panel connections for construction purposes. Panels are light in weight and have enough strength to take designed loads. V-Panels become stronger when joined together with their Tongue & Groove arrangement and provide an even surface to receive various kinds of surface finishes.


Fire, acoustic and thermal properties: V-Panels have excellent thermal and fire retardant properties needed specially by hospitals, recording studios, etc. 50mm thick V-Panels have a fire rating of 60 minutes & 75mm V-Panels have 120 minutes.

Light weight: They are light in weight. Presently they are the lightest in India. Being light they can be easily handled, transported and installed with less effort.

Integrity: V-Panels have excellent bond strength between core and the facing sheet, which is a unique feature of this product.

Saves space: V-Panels being slim provide extra usable area.

Durable: Being a cement based product V-Panels have the advantages of cement products like having very little expansions and contractions. V-Panels are as durable as cement while being resistant to termite attacks.


  • Internal & External wall partitions
  • Prefab structures
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Mass housing
  • Semi-permanent buildings
  • Fire separation walls
  • Industrial claddings
  • Control rooms
  • Roofing
  • Compound walls, etc...

Highlights of the product

  • Asbestos Free
  • V-Panels are Asbestos free.
  • Light Weight
  • V-Panels are easy to transport, handle and erect.
  • Easy to Install
  • V-Panels are cured at factory and ready for installation at sites thus saving time. The Tongue & Groove Joining System allows rapid assembling. V-Panels being light weight can easily slide between top and bottom sections of steel or aluminium channels. Panels can be cut with power tools for fixing doors, windows etc., and are ready for decorative finishes.
  • Strong and Durable
  • The Tongue & Groove joining method of installation makes the wall stronger. The V-Panel wall can be treated with any chemical resistant paints leaving the installation maintenance free in regular course like any traditional masonry wall.


  • Saves Space
    V-Panels being slim offer extra usable area for living in comparison with conventional walls without compromising on insulating properties
  • Fire Resistant
    V-Panels of 50mm thickness can withstand upto 60 minutes and V-Panels of 75mm can withstand upto 120 minutes
  • Water Resistant
    Water resistant properties withstand adverse weather conditions
  • Termite Resistant
    V-Panels are termite resistant.

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